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The Dawn Call

A lion calling out at dawn

Mischief Makers
FROM £30.00

A pair of sibling leopard cubs look down from the safety of a tree branch

The Cats Whiskers
FROM £30.00

A lioness with her favourite cub

Black Amber

A female leopard glances back into the darkness

FROM £30.00

Satao was one of Africa's largest big tuskers. He roamed the eastern sector of Tzavo National Park in Kenya until he was sadly poached in May 2014.

Game of Thrones
FROM £30.00

A pair of Burchell"s stallions rear up in battle

On a Mission
FROM £30.00

A young lion cub struts a nonchalant swagger with tail held high.

The Beauty Therapist
FROM £30.00

A Giraffe being groomed by a red billed ox-pecker

The Three Degrees
FROM £30.00

A micro herd of three zebra

FROM £22.50

A lioness with two cubs

Dusty amble
FROM £30.00

A lone bull elephant flicks a trunk full of dust as it crosses a plain towards you

FROM £22.50

Two young lion cubs look out from a granite kopje

Feather Duster
FROM £22.50

A Helmeted Guinea Fowl takes a dust bath

Peek a Boo
FROM £30.00

A leopard takes a quick glacé from behind a tree

FROM £30.00

A pair of sibling male lions take an early morning stroll..

Painted Creche
FROM £30.00

A Male Cape hunting dog watches over a litter of pups as they wait for the hunting pack to return..

Natural Charisma

A male lion lit by moonlight

Next Generation
FROM £30.00

A young lion cub takes the lead..

Brief Encounter

A brief encounter with a baby gorilla as it takes a quick glance at you.

Hidden ivory
FROM £30.00

The wrinkles and ivory of a large elephant.

FROM £30.00

A leopard cub peers from behind a branch

Guardian of the Kopje
FROM £30.00

A beautiful female leopard called “Basile” guards her den in a kopje

Sasekile Green
FROM £30.00

Sasekile (The beautiful one) a young female leopard.

Spotted Siesta
FROM £30.00

A female leopard relaxes in a tree.

Gentle Persuasion
FROM £30.00

A female giraffe gently encourages her new born to move forward

Thirst quencher
FROM £30.00

A beautiful elephant takes a long drink of water.

Khokovelas Feather

A female leopard watches a guinea fowl feather float down.

The Ravenscourt

The Sabi Sands Ravenscourt leopard taking a stroll.

Amber Lightning
FROM £30.00

A female cheetah and her cub lock onto passing game.

Tree tots

A Gorilla youngster..


Guhonda is the leading Silverback of the Sabyinyo group in Rwanda.

The Disappearance

A northern white rhino disappears into the darkness of extinction.

The Bovver boys
FROM £30.00

Three squabbling Lilian's lovebirds.

Grumpy Pants

Two disgruntled ostriches looking at you.

Eye to Eye

A Zebra looking at you closely.

Sawa Sawa

A female warthog with flagged tail runs off into the bush.

Bush Tanzanite

Two vulturine guinea fowl (Tzavo)

Poster Boy

A very guilty looking young male lion cub.

Wild Ivory

Profile of an elephant's trunk and tusk

Taking a Bow

A Zebra bows its head.

Feather Spotting

A young lion cub plays with a guinea fowl feather..


A young male giraffe

Kiaras Leopard
FROM £30.00

A Beautiful Ravenscourt leopard from Sabi Sands in South Africa, sketched from a photograph by wildlife photographer Kiara Rodgers.


A female mountain gorilla and youngster - this picture was entered into a Worldwide competition to give the image a name. Ndagukunda (meaning "I love you" in Kinyarwanda) was the name chosen as the winning title. 

Roll Play
FROM £30.00

A lilac Breasted Roller, one of the African bushes most iconic bird.

Bovver Boy

A Lilians love bird also known as the Nyasa lovebird.

Night fishing

A Pels fishing owl starts its flight to catch its prey.

The Pied Piper

A Pied kingfisher hovers over water as watches for movement.

The Battle of the Scarabs

Two dung beetle battling over a dung ball

The Scarabs Roll

Two dung beetles having a ball.

The Mokoros Companion
FROM £30.00

A Painted reed frog (Hyperolius Marmoratus) clinging to a reed stem in the Okavango delta Botswana. 

The Meeting
FROM £30.00

Two leopards meeting at dawn

The kiss
FROM £30.00

A giraffe drinks from a water hole

Black on Black

A black Rhino sketched in Chalk and Charcoal.

The Sentinel

A giraffe looks out over the trees

Keep up

A Zebra whilst lying down looks back at the herd

En Garde

A Zebra stallion keeps an eye out for any predators. 

The Chief

The Chief that never was...The Kung tribe of the San (Bushman) knew themselves as Zhu twa si meaning "Harmless people" 

The Dagga Boy

The Dagga Boy is a nickname for an old buffalo. (“Dagga” refers either to mud or as a slang term for crazy)

Whoops a Daisy

A young gorilla inspects it's first daisy

Spotted Amber

A cheetah and her cub

The Scent of Carrion

A spotted Hyena sniffs the air for the scent of carrion.

Sweet Chariot

A young gorilla swings through the canopy.

Pause for thought

A gorilla in deap thought

Fly by

A gorilla watches a honey bee fly past

Whistling acacia

A giraffe nibbles on the pods of a whistling acacia

The Giggling assassin

A hyena sniffs the air for any scent of carrion

Warts and all

An old Warthog

The Wallow

A hippo wallowing in the shallows of a river.

Son of Mzee

A baby baboon peeps through the undergrowth.


A leopard stalking you.

Midnight dip

A hippo wallows in a pool

In Pursuit of Tsetse

An African Wild dog watches a Tsetse that's pestering him.

The Giggling Scavenger

A moonlit hyena scents the air for carrion

Mood Swing

A Black Rhino

Thirsty Work
FROM £30.00

A lioness and her cubs drink from a puddle of water

Safe Return
FROM £30.00

Dark clouds are building on the horizon as a fishing boat prepares to return to shore

Scented Danger
FROM £30.00

A herd of Elephants

Savannah Stroll
FROM £95.00

Lions strolling in the savannah heat

Painted Wolf
FROM £30.00

A cape hunting dog

Out on a Limb
FROM £30.00

A leopard relaxes on the branch of a tree

FROM £185.00

A male and female kudu running

The Kakuli

An old bull buffalo

Giggle Cave
FROM £135.00

A pack of hyena relax in a cave away from the midday sun

Gathering Wake
FROM £30.00

With the backdrop of an elephant, vultures begin to roost at dusk.

FROM £155.00

A herd of elephants gather at the waters edge to quench their thirst

Coastal Cargo
FROM £30.00

Coastal dhows take refuge inside the reef as a storm brews

Delta Bull (sepia)
FROM £30.00

An elephant feeds on water lilies

Right of Way (Left elephant)
FROM £30.00

A large bull elephant

Right of Way (right elephant)
FROM £30.00

A large bull elphant

The Two Old Campaigners
FROM £30.00

Two old bull elephants cross a dried river bed during the dry season.

The One Old Campaigner
FROM £30.00

An old bull elephant crosses a dried river bed during the dry season.

Young Blood
FROM £30.00

A young bull buffalo sniffs the air for danger

White Mischief
FROM £30.00

A young elephant mock charges a cattle egret

The Twigletts
FROM £30.00

A flock of Little bee-eaters sit on a twig

In Two Minds
FROM £9.00

A large herd of elephants

FROM £30.00

A small herd of elephants at sundown.

FROM £30.00

A cheetah cub climbs a tree stump.

Striped Savannah
FROM £30.00

A zebra mare and foal on the savannah

Stand Off
FROM £30.00

A lioness and a wildebeest have a stand off.

The Spotted Assassin
FROM £30.00

A cheetah bounces to a halt after a failed chase

FROM £30.00

The silhouette of a leopard in a tree

Spooked Herd
FROM £30.00

Three giraffe are spooked

FROM £30.00

A giraffe gallops into the scrub

FROM £30.00

A herd of elephants following the matriarch.  The third elephant is sleepwalking

FROM £30.00

Fishermen in Lake Eyasi

Saba Saba
FROM £30.00

Elephant with calf

Reticulated Siesta
FROM £30.00

Two reticulated giraffe relax

Rendille Caravan
FROM £30.00

Rendille tribes women move to new pastures

FROM £30.00

A female leopard moves her cub from danger

Red Rains Right
FROM £30.00

Elephants covered in Red Ochre

Red Rains Left
FROM £30.00

Elephants covered in red ochre

Peppertree Siesta
FROM £30.00

A leopard relaxes on the branch of a pepper tree

Painted Pups
FROM £30.00

Young Cape hunting dogs sit at the entrance to their den

Mum's Taxi
FROM £30.00

A lioness carrying a young cub to safety

Mothers Pride
FROM £30.00

A lioness with three cubs

Manyara Mzee
FROM £30.00

An old buffalo bull

Lugga Bull
FROM £30.00

An old bull elephant crosses a lugga by a baobab tree

FROM £30.00

A family of meerkats

Kubwa Jim
FROM £30.00

A rare Northern White Rhino bull

Kopje Lions
FROM £30.00

Two lions relax on a kopje

Horned Avalanche
FROM £30.00

Wildebeest stampede into the Mara river during the migration

Hippo Highway
FROM £95.00

A pod of hippos charge back into the water

Hippo Highway 2
FROM £30.00

Two hippos charge back into the water

Hippo Highway 1
FROM £30.00

A single hippo charges back into the water

Hillary & Tenzing
FROM £30.00

Two meerkat use an anthill as a vantage point

FROM £30.00

A young giraffe

Flushed Flamingos
FROM £30.00

A flock of flamingos

Flight of the Bok
FROM £30.00

A springbok takes flight

Feathered Friends
FROM £30.00

Cattle egrets follow a herd of elephants

Dust Bath
FROM £30.00

Three bull elephants having a dust bath

Desert Ships
FROM £30.00

Rendille tribes women move their camels and belongings to new pastures

Delta Elephants
FROM £30.00

An herd of three elephants feed on water lilies in the Delta


Delta Bull (Colour)
FROM £30.00

An elephant feeds on water lilies

FROM £30.00

A Black rhino charge

Dance of the Angel
FROM £30.00

An old hyena backs its rump into an aardvark hole to protect it from attacking Cape hunting dogs

FROM £30.00

A male lion relaxes

Beyond the Baobab
FROM £30.00

An elephant and calf walk past an old baobab tree while guinea fowl catch insects at their feet .

Bath Time
FROM £30.00

A lioness cleans her cub

A Load of Bull 1
FROM £30.00

A lone bull buffalo

A Load of Bull 2
FROM £30.00

Two buffalo bulls

Crossing Paths
FROM £30.00

Herds of elephants crossing paths

Tusks at Dusk
FROM £30.00

Two bull elephants meet at the rivers edge at dusk

Early Lesson

A young cheetah cub looks up at it's mother for a sign

I Spy

A cheetah and her young cub look out at the savannah for game

Boxing Clever

African savannah hares boxing 

Star Gazer

A male lion looks up at the stars

White on Black

A White rhino

Night Stalker

A leopard stalks the night

Kalahari Dume

A Kalahari black maned lion

Ready and Waiting

A lioness and her cub

The African Bird Table

Ox peckers feed on a buffalo as it drinks from a river

Passing By

Just a glimpse of a leopard as it passes by

Where Has It Gone

A baby gorilla looks for an ant it has just caught

Wakey Wakey

A lion cub yawning

Silent Teamwork

Two lionesses on the lookout

White Lightning

A cheetah at full speed

The Hors dOeuvres

A serval cat pounces onto a Papilio Dardanus

The Elusive Feather

A young gorilla tries to catch a falling feather

From Out of Darkness

A leopard appears from out of the darkness

Moon Gazer

A moonlit lion looks for movement in the blackness of night

Night Watchman

A moonlit leopard gazes intently into the black of night.

Cold Calling

A lioness calls out at night, her breath highlighted by the moonlight

Windows to the Soul

A gorilla youngster.

Right of Way
FROM £30.00

With a backdrop of old baobab trees, two large bull elephants converge, which one will give way?

The Trek
FROM £30.00

An elephant calf follows its mother during the dry season

White Angst
FROM £30.00

A female Northern White rhino

FROM £30.00

Two giraffe

FROM £30.00

Fishermen chat as they fish along the Tanzanian coast

Pangani Boys
FROM £30.00

Young coastal boys play in a dugout

Saltflat Shadows
FROM £30.00

Camel shadows on a dried lake bed

Botswana Bottoms
FROM £30.00

Young elephants in Botswana

Born to Lead
FROM £30.00

A young elephant takes the lead in a breeding herd of elephants

The Black Askari

A bull buffalo (Askari)

Bird's Eye View
FROM £30.00

White fronted bee-eaters on a branch

Beyond Borders
FROM £30.00

A matriarch leads a herd of elephants through a dust storm

Beauty and the Beast

A baby gorilla watches a Papilio Simonii whilst clinging to its mother's back

In Anticipation
FROM £30.00

A cub looks up at its mother in anticipation of some food

Amboselli Mirage
FROM £30.00

Giraffe shimmering in the heat of the day

FROM £30.00

A lioness with two cubs

A New Dawn
FROM £30.00

Young lion cubs playing at dawn

A Load of Bull
FROM £30.00

Three old askari buffaloes