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Feather Duster
FROM £22.50

A Helmeted Guinea Fowl takes a dust bath

Lilac Encounter
FROM £30.00

A lilac breasted roller perched on a twig as an elephant appears in the background

The Bovver boys
FROM £30.00

Three squabbling Lilian's lovebirds.

Grumpy Pants

Two disgruntled ostriches looking at you.

Bush Tanzanite

Two vulturine guinea fowl (Tzavo)

Roll Play
FROM £30.00

A lilac Breasted Roller, one of the African bushes most iconic bird.

Bovver Boy

A Lilians love bird also known as the Nyasa lovebird.

Night fishing

A Pels fishing owl starts its flight to catch its prey.

The Pied Piper

A Pied kingfisher hovers over water as watches for movement.

Gathering Wake
FROM £30.00

With the backdrop of an elephant, vultures begin to roost at dusk.

White Mischief
FROM £30.00

A young elephant mock charges a cattle egret

The Twigletts
FROM £30.00

A flock of Little bee-eaters sit on a twig

Flushed Flamingos
FROM £30.00

A flock of flamingos

Feathered Friends
FROM £30.00

Cattle egrets follow a herd of elephants

Bird's Eye View
FROM £30.00

White fronted bee-eaters on a branch