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A New Dawn
FROM £30.00

Young lion cubs playing at dawn

FROM £30.00

A lioness with two cubs

In Anticipation
FROM £30.00

A cub looks up at its mother in anticipation of some food

Pride of Tzavo
FROM £155.00

A pride of lions

Savannah Stroll
FROM £135.00

Lions strolling in the savannah heat

Thirsty Work
FROM £30.00

A lioness and her cubs drink from a puddle of water

Cold Calling
FROM £30.00

A lioness calls out at night, her breath highlighted by the moonlight

Moon Gazer
FROM £30.00

A moonlit lion looks for movement in the blackness of night

Silent Teamwork
FROM £30.00

Two lionesses on the lookout

Wakey Wakey
FROM £30.00

A lion cub yawning

Ready and Waiting
FROM £30.00

A lioness and her cub

Kalahari Dume
FROM £30.00

A Kalahari black maned lion

Star Gazer
FROM £30.00

A male lion looks up at the stars

Bath Time
FROM £30.00

A lioness cleans her cub

FROM £30.00

A male lion relaxes

Kopje Lions
FROM £30.00

Two lions relax on a kopje

Mothers Pride
FROM £30.00

A lioness with three cubs

Mum's Taxi
FROM £30.00

A lioness carrying a young cub to safety

Stand Off
FROM £30.00

A lioness and a wildebeest have a stand off.

The Lions Call
FROM £30.00

A lion calls to his pride on a cold clear morning.

Tree trouble
FROM £30.00

A young lion relaxes in the fork of a tree

Feather Spotting
FROM £30.00

A young lion cub plays with a guinea fowl feather..

Poster Boy
FROM £30.00

A very guilty looking young male lion cub.