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All Ears
FROM £30.00


A wild dog trotting towards you

Painted Creche
FROM £30.00

A Male Cape hunting dog watches over a litter of pups as they wait for the hunting pack to return..

The Scent of Carrion
FROM £30.00

A spotted Hyena sniffs the air for the scent of carrion.

The Giggling assassin
FROM £30.00

A hyena sniffs the air for any scent of carrion

In Pursuit of Tsetse
FROM £30.00

An African Wild dog watches a Tsetse that's pestering him.

The Giggling Scavenger
FROM £30.00

A moonlit hyena scents the air for carrion

Painted Wolf
FROM £30.00

A cape hunting dog

Giggle Cave
FROM £135.00

A pack of hyena relax in a cave away from the midday sun

Painted Pups
FROM £30.00

Young Cape hunting dogs sit at the entrance to their den

Dance of the Angel
FROM £30.00

An old hyena backs its rump into an aardvark hole to protect it from attacking Cape hunting dogs