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Just Hanging Around
FROM £30.00

A leopard watches out for prey from a tree.

Another Glimpse
FROM £30.00

A young male leopard has a quick glimpse from around a tree.

Inch by Inch
FROM £30.00

A leopard stalking 

The High Life
FROM £30.00

A leopard relaxing in a tree

The Stalker
FROM £30.00

A leopard quietly stalking its prey

The Marula Retreat
FROM £30.00

A leopard relaxes in the fork of a marula tree

Out of the green
FROM £30.00

An adult African leopard pauses briefly as it appears from the green undergrowth.

FROM £30.00

The stare of a leopard as it appears from out of the darkness

Day Dreamer
FROM £30.00

A leopard cub relaxes in the dappled light of a tree

The Glance

A leopard peers from behind a tree at night

Paws 4 thought
FROM £30.00

A young leopard cub pauses for moment

Paws n Claws
FROM £30.00

A young leopard cub clings precariously to a branch as its mother watches closely

Night Caller

A leopard tentatively stoops for a drink

FROM £30.00

A pair of mischievous leopard cubs play in a tree

First Light

The early light highlights a leopard as it appears from out of the darkness

Mischief Makers
FROM £30.00

A pair of sibling leopard cubs look down from the safety of a tree branch

Baby Blue Eyes
FROM £30.00

A young leopard cub peers from behind a tree branch. The blueness of its eyes is due to the small deposit of melanin in it's irises which gradually fades as it gets older..

Black Amber

A female leopard glances back into the darkness

The Opportunist

A leopard gazing into the dark..

Peek a Boo
FROM £30.00

A leopard takes a quick glacé from behind a tree

Silent Witness
FROM £30.00

A young leopard peers from behind the bow of a tree

FROM £30.00

A leopard cub peers from behind a branch

Guardian of the Kopje
FROM £30.00

A beautiful female leopard called “Basile” guards her den in a kopje

Sasekile Green
FROM £30.00

Sasekile (The beautiful one) a young female leopard.

Just a glimpse
FROM £22.50

Male leopard Sephiri has a quick glance from behind a tree

Spotted Siesta
FROM £30.00

A female leopard relaxes in a tree.

Khokovelas Feather

A female leopard watches a guinea fowl feather float down.

The Ravenscourt

The Sabi Sands Ravenscourt leopard taking a stroll.

Mr Perfect

A beautiful male Leopard gazes into the distance.

Kiaras Leopard
FROM £30.00

A Beautiful Ravenscourt leopard from Sabi Sands in South Africa, sketched from a photograph by wildlife photographer Kiara Rodgers.

The Meeting
FROM £30.00

Two leopards meeting at dawn


A leopard stalking you.

Out on a Limb
FROM £30.00

A leopard relaxes on the branch of a tree

FROM £30.00

The silhouette of a leopard in a tree

FROM £30.00

A female leopard moves her cub from danger

Peppertree Siesta
FROM £30.00

A leopard relaxes on the branch of a pepper tree

Night Stalker

A leopard stalks the night

Scaredy Cat
FROM £30.00

A Leopard peers down from the lofty height of a tall tree

Passing By

Just a glimpse of a leopard as it passes by

From Out of Darkness

A leopard appears from out of the darkness

Night Watchman

A moonlit leopard gazes intently into the black of night.