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In Hot Pursuit
FROM £30.00

A female cheetah looks back over her shoulder as a large male lion follows her in the shimmering heat

Rough and Tumble
FROM £30.00

Two young cheetah cubs playing in the bush

Savannah Dawn
FROM £25.00

A female cheetah looks out over the savannah from a small termite mound at dawn

Spotted Mirage
FROM £30.00

Three cheetah siblings look out over a shimmering plain from a well worn termite hill.

The Dawn Watch
FROM £22.50

A portrait of a cheetah as it looks out fo danger..

Amber Lightning
FROM £30.00

A female cheetah and her cub lock onto passing game.

The Dragons Tail

A Cheetah watches a Dragon Fly hover in front of her.

The Passing Scarab

A Cheetah watches a Dung Beetle fly past.

Spotted Amber

A cheetah and her cub

FROM £30.00

A cheetah cub climbs a tree stump.

The Spotted Assassin
FROM £30.00

A cheetah bounces to a halt after a failed chase

Early Lesson

A young cheetah cub looks up at it's mother for a sign

I Spy

A cheetah and her young cub look out at the savannah for game

White Lightning

A cheetah at full speed