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The Beauty Therapist
FROM £30.00

A Giraffe being groomed by a red billed ox-pecker

Gentle Persuasion
FROM £30.00

A female giraffe gently encourages her new born to move forward


A young male giraffe

The kiss
FROM £30.00

A giraffe drinks from a water hole

The Sentinel

A giraffe looks out over the trees

Whistling acacia

A giraffe nibbles on the pods of a whistling acacia

Spooked Herd
FROM £30.00

Three giraffe are spooked

FROM £30.00

A giraffe gallops into the scrub

Reticulated Siesta
FROM £30.00

Two reticulated giraffe relax

Rendille Caravan
FROM £30.00

Rendille tribes women move to new pastures

FROM £30.00

A young giraffe

Desert Ships
FROM £30.00

Rendille tribes women move their camels and belongings to new pastures

FROM £30.00

Two giraffe

Saltflat Shadows
FROM £30.00

Camel shadows on a dried lake bed

Amboselli Mirage
FROM £30.00

Giraffe shimmering in the heat of the day