My Feather Boa

A couple of ringtailed lemurs having a cuddle

Nozzy Rub

A Lion and a lioness affectionately rub noses

The Glance

A leopard peers from behind a tree at night

The Dawn Call

A lion calling out at dawn

Night Caller

A leopard tentatively stoops for a drink

First Light

The early light highlights a leopard as it appears from out of the darkness

Windows 2 the Soul

A young gorilla


A young gorilla wakes up from a short nap 

Black Amber

A female leopard glances back into the darkness

The Opportunist

A leopard gazing into the dark..

Deadly focus

A lioness stares intently into the darkness

Penny for your thoughts

A young gorilla deep in thought

Amber Eyes

A baby gorilla looks at you face to face..

Brief Encounter

A brief encounter with a baby gorilla as it takes a quick glance at you.

Call to Arms

The breath of a wolf on a cold night as it howls to the pack..

Little wolfie

A wolf cub learning how to howl


A large bull elephant ambles towards you.

Khokovelas Feather

A female leopard watches a guinea fowl feather float down.

The Ravenscourt

The Sabi Sands Ravenscourt leopard taking a stroll.

Tree tots

A Gorilla youngster..


Guhonda is the leading Silverback of the Sabyinyo group in Rwanda.

The Disappearance

A northern white rhino disappears into the darkness of extinction.

Grumpy Pants

Two disgruntled ostriches looking at you.

Eye to Eye

A Zebra looking at you closely.

Sawa Sawa

A female warthog with flagged tail runs off into the bush.

Bush Tanzanite

Two vulturine guinea fowl (Tzavo)

Poster Boy

A very guilty looking young male lion cub.

Mr Perfect

A beautiful male Leopard gazes into the distance.

Wild Ivory

Profile of an elephant's trunk and tusk

Taking a Bow

A Zebra bows its head.

Colobus Chale

A male Angolan Colobus monkey from Chale Island off the Kenyan coast.

Feather Spotting

A young lion cub plays with a guinea fowl feather..


A female mountain gorilla and youngster - this picture was entered into a Worldwide competition to give the image a name. Ndagukunda (meaning "I love you" in Kinyarwanda) was the name chosen as the winning title. 

Bovver Boy

A Lilians love bird also known as the Nyasa lovebird.

Night fishing

A Pels fishing owl starts its flight to catch its prey.

The Pied Piper

A Pied kingfisher hovers over water as watches for movement.

The Battle of the Scarabs

Two dung beetle battling over a dung ball

The Scarabs Roll

Two dung beetles having a ball.

The Dragons Tail

A Cheetah watches a Dragon Fly hover in front of her.

The Passing Scarab

A Cheetah watches a Dung Beetle fly past.

Black on Black

A black Rhino sketched in Chalk and Charcoal.

The Sentinel

A giraffe looks out over the trees

Keep up

A Zebra whilst lying down looks back at the herd

En Garde

A Zebra stallion keeps an eye out for any predators. 

The Chief

The Chief that never was...The Kung tribe of the San (Bushman) knew themselves as Zhu twa si meaning "Harmless people" 

The Dagga Boy

The Dagga Boy is a nickname for an old buffalo. (“Dagga” refers either to mud or as a slang term for crazy)

Whoops a Daisy

A young gorilla inspects it's first daisy

Spotted Amber

A cheetah and her cub

The Scent of Carrion

A spotted Hyena sniffs the air for the scent of carrion.

Sweet Chariot

A young gorilla swings through the canopy.

Pause for thought

A gorilla in deap thought

Fly by

A gorilla watches a honey bee fly past

Whistling acacia

A giraffe nibbles on the pods of a whistling acacia

The Giggling assassin

A hyena sniffs the air for any scent of carrion

Warts and all

An old Warthog

The Wallow

A hippo wallowing in the shallows of a river.

Son of Mzee

A baby baboon peeps through the undergrowth.


A leopard stalking you.

Midnight dip

A hippo wallows in a pool

In Pursuit of Tsetse

An African Wild dog watches a Tsetse that's pestering him.

The Giggling Scavenger

A moonlit hyena scents the air for carrion

Mood Swing

A Black Rhino

The Kakuli

An old bull buffalo

Early Lesson

A young cheetah cub looks up at it's mother for a sign

I Spy

A cheetah and her young cub look out at the savannah for game

Boxing Clever

African savannah hares boxing 

Star Gazer

A male lion looks up at the stars

White on Black

A White rhino

Night Stalker

A leopard stalks the night

Kalahari Dume

A Kalahari black maned lion

The African Bird Table

Ox peckers feed on a buffalo as it drinks from a river

Passing By

Just a glimpse of a leopard as it passes by

Where Has It Gone

A baby gorilla looks for an ant it has just caught

Wakey Wakey

A lion cub yawning

Silent Teamwork

Two lionesses on the lookout

White Lightning

A cheetah at full speed

The Hors dOeuvres

A serval cat pounces onto a Papilio Dardanus

The Elusive Feather

A young gorilla tries to catch a falling feather

From Out of Darkness

A leopard appears from out of the darkness

Moon Gazer

A moonlit lion looks for movement in the blackness of night

Night Watchman

A moonlit leopard gazes intently into the black of night.

Cold Calling

A lioness calls out at night, her breath highlighted by the moonlight

Windows to the Soul

A gorilla youngster.

The Black Askari

A bull buffalo (Askari)